KOR Standard Time



  • Zirconia
  • PMMA
  • PEEK
  • WAX
  • Composite Hybird ceramics
  • Glass ceramics
  • Titanium (Pre-milled)
  • Sintering metal
  • etc.
  • Spindle

    50,000 rpm
  • Dimensions

    481 x 529 x 823.5 mm
  • Weight

    79 kg
  • Control Axis

    5 Axis
  • Power

    220 V
  • Tool Pocket

  • Standard Jig

    Disk, Glass Ceramic & Pre-mill Jig
  • Jig Option

    Customized Pre-mill Jig


Material type


  • The BXL5 can process up to five glass ceramics simultaneously, greatly enhancing efficiency when treating multiple patients. It excels at milling inlay, onlay, crown, and veneer glass ceramics, delivering exceptional results.
  • The device can produce temporary teeth without undercuts for immediate use and high patient satisfaction.
  • The half jig and simultaneous 5-axis motion enable a wider range of tilting angles while minimizing undercuts during milling, resulting in precise milling without post-milling corrections.
  • The Reverse Jig allows for 90-degree milling in the occlusal direction, enabling one-step prosthetics and reducing time required to create custom abutments for dental laboratories.
  • The Reverse jig allows for detailed groove representation by vertical milling, with up to eleven jigs and no need for manual cutting of connectors after milling.
  • It provides powerful implant planning and surgical guide milling capabilities, ensuring accurate and safe implant treatment. It reduces preparation time.
  • The device has ten tool pockets to process various materials. It can mill up to ten blocks simultaneously.
  • Coping

  • Crown

  • Bridge

  • Hybrid

  • Inlay

  • Onlay

  • Veneer

  • Surgery guide

  • Bite

  • Abutment

  • Anatomic

  • Abutment

  • Denture

  • Etc …


  • Custom Abutment(Occlusal Surface Machining)

    BXL5 is a sophisticated technology that can effectively handle complex processes and procedures, enabling customization of shifts that are tailored to each individual patient's specific needs. By utilizing the advanced cutting capabilities of the connector, BXL5 is able to minimize complicated postprocessing procedures, allowing for the creation of an integral prosthesis that can be milled and precisely fitted with glass ceramic to accurately express grooves. With these capabilities, BXL5 offers a competitive solution for delivering superior prosthetic outcomes for dental lab technicians.
  • Temporary Tooth & Hybrid Resin

    The utilization of PMMA for Processing temporary teeth without undercuts allows for immediate use and high patient satisfaction. These materials, including Hybrid Resin, and techniques provides dentists with the ability to deliver superior aesthetic and functional results.
  • Glass Ceramic Milling for inlay, onlay, crown & veneer

    BXL5 provides a significant advantage over other CAD/CAM milling machines by offering the capability to simultaneously process up to five glass ceramics. This feature greatly enhances efficiency when treating multiple patients concurrently. In contrast to machines limited to processing only one ceramic at a time, BXL5's advanced capabilities deliver superior performance and unmatched flexibility for dental practitioners.
  • Simultaneous 5-Axis & Half Jig

    Utilizing the half jig and simultaneous 5-axis motion technology enables a greater free tilting angle during the milling process. This advanced technology minimizes undercuts, ensuring exceptional precision and quality without the need for post-milling correction. Furthermore, it enables 90-degree milling when processing the front part of the material, further enhancing the overall precision and accuracy of the milling process.

Easy Operation

Does not require specialized expertise or training!
  • Design & Touch Screen

    This product is designed to provide dental professionals with fast, accurate milling capabilities in a compact and sophisticated package. The user-friendly PC system includes a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, ensuring a streamlined and efficient user experience.

  • Simultaneous 5-Axis & Half Jig

    The utilization of a half jig and simultaneous 5-axis motion allows for the creation of a larger free tilting angle during the milling process. This advanced technology minimizes undercuts and guarantees exceptional quality and precision, eliminating the need for post-milling adjustments.

  • Auto Tool Change – 10 Tool Pockets

    The tool pocket enables the simultaneous insertion of suitable tools for all materials, with the system automatically selecting the appropriate tool based on the processed material.


The BXL5 features a fully automatic calibration system that is user-friendly and easy to operate. On-screen, a step-by-step guide is provided, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free process that can be easily followed by anyone.

The Following Guide

The device provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, enabling effortless operation for anyone. Equipped with an advanced automatic calibration system, the machine readily detects the milling position, ensuring precise and accurate milling results.