KOR Standard Time



  • Zirconia
  • PMMA
  • PEEK
  • WAX
  • Composite
  • Hybird ceramics
  • Sintering metal
  • Spindle

    60,000 rpm
  • Dimensions

    392 x 549 x 575 mm
  • Weight

    39 kg
  • Control Axis

    5 Axis
  • Power

    110 & 220 V
  • Tool Pocket

  • Standard Jig

    Disk Jig
  • Jig Option

    Cad Block Jig


Material type


  • X5 II is equipped with a built-in PC that operates on the Windows operating system and has an easy-to-use touch screen interface.
  • It uses a half jig and simultaneous 5-axis motion to process diverse materials with minimal undercutting. It is equipped with 9 tool pockets.
  • It features an Auto-Calibration function that simplifies the setup process and reduces the occurrence of warning messages through its sensor technology.
  • It can be remotely controlled, and network settings can be configured.
  • X5 II comes with a one-year warranty and top-notch post-sales support. This applies to all our other models too.
  • Coping

  • Crown

  • Bridge

  • Hybrid

  • Inlay

  • Onlay

  • Veneer

  • Etc …

Stable System

The device was developed based on extensive professional expertise. Dental Plus enhanced both the hardware stability and user-friendly software to facilitate customers in attaining precise milling outcomes.
  • Simultaneous 5-Axis & Half Jig

    The device utilizes a half jig and simultaneous 5-axis motion to attain an expanded array of tilting angles. With 9 tool pockets, it is capable of processing various materials, including Zirconia, PMMA, and Wax. Moreover, the Ф98 C-type clamp jig ensures minimal undercutting during the milling process.

  • Touch Screen

    For your convenience, the device is furnished with a userfriendly touchscreen interface.

  • 9 Tool Pocket

    It is equipped with 9 tool pockets that enable the processing of diverse materials, including Zirconia, PMMA, and Wax. Additionally, the Ф98 C-type clamp jig facilitates milling with minimal undercutting.

  • Trendy Design & Spacious Milling Room

    The equipment showcases a sleek and elegant design that effortlessly complements any clinic or laboratory setting. Moreover, the milling room offers a spacious layout, ensuring users have ample room to work comfortably. Furthermore, the latest version is equipped with LED lighting, harmonizing with the surrounding environment and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the installation space.

Cleaning Position

Managing the equipment becomes effortless by conveniently controlling its maintenance and cleaning processes in designated areas.
End-UserDesigned with a user-friendly interface, saving time while consistently delivering satisfactory results.
Hassle-free setup, maintenance, and technical support enable effortless expertise and mastery of the equipment.

Following Guide

Easy Setup & Auto-Calibration

Enhance your experience with our convenient auto-calibration