KOR Standard Time



Type & Size
  • Zir. Ball end mill 0.5mm
  • Zir. Ball end mill 1.0mm
  • Zir. Ball end mill 2.0mm
  • Zir. Flat end mill 1.5mm
Ziroconia & Wax

$0 USD

Dental Plus dental burs are all manufactured in Korea Republic and are currently available for purchase worldwide. Crafted from premium materials and developed by a highly experienced engineers devoted exclusively to dental burs, our burs are of exceptional quality. Our Zirconia Cutting Burs are produced using a specialized manufacturing process that results in unparalleled durability and effectiveness. Furthermore, they can adjust all types of crowns without the risk of chipping, including Zirconia, Wax and sintering metal. These burs are compatible with our X5 II, BXL5, and BX5 machines.