KOR Standard Time



Type & Size
  • Diamond 0.6mm
  • Diamond 1.0mm
  • Diamond 2.0mm
  • Diamond 2.5mm
  • X5 II Diamond 0.6mm
  • X5 II Diamond 1.0mm
  • X5 II Diamond 2.0mm

$0 USD

Our diamond burs are designed to provide exceptional cutting speed and increased efficiency, allowing you to complete your procedure with just one bur. We take great pride in offering a premium selection of diamond burs, meticulously crafted to achieve precise drilling, finishing, and grinding of various materials. Our primary focus is on dental diamond burs that deliver superior longevity and effectiveness. Unlike other tools that require frequent replacement, our burs are known for their exceptional durability and efficiency, allowing them to withstand multiple uses without losing their cutting edge. While it is true that each diamond bur's lifespan may be shortened due to debris buildup and gradual wear and tear, they are an essential tool for every dental clinic, particularly when removing restorative materials. We are pleased to offer a diverse range of industry-leading diamond burs that have been meticulously verified for quality, durability, and precision. Diamonds burs are capable of adjusting all types of crowns without the risk of chipping, for Composite hybrid ceramics and Lithium disilicate(Glass Ceramic). These burs are compatible with our X5 II, BXL5, and BX5 machines.